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Greeting from President

Greeting from President

Dear Colleague

I have been appointed to the 18th president of the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS). The JCS has a long history of over 80 years. The Journal "The Nippon Journal of Clinical Angio-Cardiology" was first published in 1935, and the first general meeting was held in the following year. I am very much honored to serve as a representative of such a prestigious society, and at the same time determined to contribute to the development of the Society.

As of June 2016, the number of regular members of the Japanese Circulation Society is 26,014 and the number of associate members 476. The Society has 13,541 cardiovascular specialists and is recognized as one of the major medical associations in Japan in terms of the importance of cardiovascular disease.

@I will take this opportunity to mention below what I will mainly work on during the next two years of tenure. First, we will complete "The Five-Year Plan for Overcoming Cardiovascular Disease" to set a clear goal. This five-year plan addresses the five strategies: human resource development, improvement in health care system, education of disease prevention and people, promotion of the registration undertaking, and strengthening of basic and clinical research. We are determined to regularly review the achievement of each goal and steadily promote this plan in the course of performing the undertakings based on the five strategies. In addition, we will attempt to establish "The Basic Law on Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease Countermeasures" in order to expand these undertakings to a nationwide level in a steady way.

It is necessary to promote further internationalization, especially it is important to respond to Asiafs needs so that this Society may be internationally recognized as one of the three poles of the world along with the Western medical societies such as AHA / ACC and ESC. The activities of JCS range widely with publication of Circulation Journal, guidelines in Japan and scientific meeting. Circulation Journal publishes more than 1400 articles and the impact factor as of 2015 was 4.124. JCS raises the scientific levels and impact of our official journal, and expects submission of more and more manuscripts from all over the world to share the knowledge. At the Annual Scientific Meeting of JCS, we have ~20,000 participants including over 300 participants from abroad. There are many joint symposia with cardiology societies of foreign countries such as AHA, ACC, ESC, the Korean Society of Cardiology (KSC) and the Chinese Society of CardiologyiCSCjand there is also an Asian session. We have ~ 300 special presentations and ~2,500 abstracts each year, and half of them are presented in English as one of official languages. We are planning to increase the number of overseas participants to scientific meetings held in Japan as well as foreign medical students and to carry out clinical trials and research in cooperation with Asian countries.

@In the next two years, I am committed to working on these issues. I hope that your society will continue support for the development of our Society.


Issei Komuro, MD, PhD
President of the Japanese Circulation Society
(Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Tokyo University)
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