Duplicate/Prior Publication Policy

The Japanese Circulation Society Policy on Duplicate/Prior Publication

The Circulation Journal considers all submitted materials with the understanding that they have not been published in print or electronic format and are not under consideration by another publication or electronic medium. The Circulation Journal generally follows the policy of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors regarding duplicate or prior publication.(1)
Duplicate or prior publication of a small part of the content of a manuscript may not preclude publication in the Circulation Journal. Failure to disclose possible duplicate or prior publication is a breach of scientific ethics. If prior or duplicate publication is discovered after a paper is published in the Circulation Journal, the editors may publish a notice of duplicate publication, with or without permission of the authors.

Author Responsibilities
At the time of submitting a manuscript, authors must affirm that neither the paper they submit nor any work presenting substantially the same material is under review, has been accepted, or has been published by another journal, Web site, or other publication medium.
Authors must notify the editors of the following and give full details in the cover letter that they submit with their paper:

  • Anything that might reasonably be considered prior or duplicate publication of any of the content of the manuscript,
  • Any presentations of the content in part or in full, for example, at a conference or scientific meeting,
  • Print or online publication of any of the content in conference proceedings.

At the time of submission, authors must send to the Circulation Journal copies of all related materials that have been previously published or are under consideration or in press elsewhere. Failure to notify the editors of possible prior or duplicate publication as described in this policy may result in rejection of the paper submitted.
Authors who have any question about duplicate or prior publication of material in a paper they submit to the Circulation Journal should provide details in the cover letter.

(1) International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.
Updated October 2007