Message From the Editor-in-Chief

The Circulation Journal is an official scientific journal of the Japanese Circulation Society. It has a long history since its first issue in 1935. Its original name of the English version was the Japanese Circulation Journal. But we had changed the journal name to Circulation Journal in 2003 for the aim of more globalization. Each issue of Circulation Journal contains several state-of-the art Review papers and Editorials, and about 20 to 25 original research articles.

Today, approximately 1,400 manuscripts are submitted to Circulation Journal every year. But we are able to publish only about 300 original manuscripts per year. This means its acceptance rate goes around only 20%. The Impact Factor for 2015 was 4.124 and we anticipate having more papers submitted in forthcoming years. You are more than welcome to submit papers to the category of the Experimental Investigations that still have some room for publication.

Countries of submission are mainly from Asia at the moment with about 55% from Japan, 8% from both China and Korea, along with Taiwan, followed by United States, Italy, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and France.

Finally, iPad version of the Circulation Journal is now available, and our online journal is open for anyone. Please visit The Japanese Circulation Societys website for more information, and we hope that you will submit a manuscript to our journal.