Transfer of Copyright on Theses Published in Circulation Journal and its Predecessor to the Society

Transfer of Copyright on Theses Published in Circulation Journal and its Predecessor to the Society

The Japanese Circulation Society provides services related to the secondary use for academic purposes of theses published in Circulation Journal and its predecessor, and these services include giving consent to requests for reprinting and publishing electronic journals. Providing these services, however, requires the transfer by the authors of the copyright on these works, including rights of reproduction and public transmission, to the Society.

Since May 1990, it has been clearly stated in the contribution rules that the copyright on theses published in Japanese Circulation Journal belongs to the Japanese Circulation Society. There is, however, no copyright agreement on works published prior to May 1990 between their authors and the Society.

Properly speaking, it should be confirmed whether the copyright on all works, excluding those whose copyright has lapsed, has been individually transferred to the Society, but for the reason cited above, it is realistically difficult to contact a large number of authors for approval.

Therefore, the Society would like to seek approval for the items listed below from the authors of these works.

On theses published in Japanese Circulation Journal prior to May 1990,

  • For academic purposes, the Japanese Circulation Society possesses the rights of reproduction, screening and public transmission (including the right of making transmittable) to all or part of the works published in Japanese Circulation Journal, including its supplements, and its predecessor.
  • The Japanese Circulation Society holds the right to allow third parties to exercise the same rights as described above for academic purposes.
  • If the Japanese Circulation Society earns income from the acts described in the preceding two items, it will use such income for its operation.

If you do not agree to the items specified above, please notify the office of the Society to that effect by March 30, 2007. If you fail to notify us by the deadline, we will understand that you agree to the items.

If authors contact the Society after the deadline because they did not know about this notice for some reason or other, however, the Society will explain to and consult with them. Your kind understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Hiroaki Shimokawa, MD
Circulation Journal