Conditions for Secondary Use of Articles

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Published articles and articles in Online Advanced Publication will be permitted.
To pay a royalty to us (except for educational or non-profit uses).
To clearly indicate a source when you publish it.
Send a copy of a product as a completed sample.Procedures of Application

Please fill out the application form(CircJ) and send it to us by fax/e-mail (DO NOT change the format).
Do not leave any blanks (approximate circulation / distribution, publishing date are also required).
Attach a copy of product sample (JPG/PDF, etc) with highlighted figures that are planned to be used.
The form is 1 article = 1 purpose. Permissions are given per manuscript (not to each figure).

Examples that individual permissions are required:
Exactly the same powerpoint slides used for several pharmaceutical companies
Figures anticipated to be used in website, but also planned to be inserted to a movie file
Ordering 100 offprint and translating / distributing another 100 offprint in another language
We will then ask you to pay the following amounts as royalty fee. Please let us know whether or not you
would like to continue the process (NO cancels are accepted once procedures started).

Use Format Number of copies / platform Permission Fee (JPY)*
Educational /
Non-Profit Uses
Commercial /
Promotional Uses
1) Journal
2) Book
3) Offprints
4) Other print format
Up to 10,000 300,000.-
Over 10,000 500,000.-
5) Digital format
6) Online Journal
7) eBook
8) Website
9)Journal+Online Journal
10) Book + eBook
Journal/Book:Up to 10,000 800,000.-
Journal/Book:Over 10,000 1,000,000.-

*tax excluded; *you are required to pay for any other handling fees

After the confirmation of payment, we will give you a permission.
* It may take 2-3 weeks to complete all procedures.
* the applicant is strongly recommend to send us back the copy of the receipt or any visible evidence by fax or email that shows that you have

If you order offprint, it will be sent in this timing.
Send us a copy of completed product to the address below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have expiring date for permission?
A. No. Once permitted, it will be valid until the intended purpose is finished.
Q. We would like to use only a part of a table, or 2 figures combined as 1.
A. It is possible as long as sources are clearly indicated (however, guidelines cannot be changed).
Q. Our website is only be sited for closed 1000 users. Do we only need to pay JPY 300,000.-?
A. No, JPY 500,000.- is required, since it is categorized as website.
Q. So, how much is exactly required for secondary use?
A. If it is for commercial purpose:
1) 1,000 offprints: JPY 300,000.- + offprint printing fee + shipping fee
2) a website only sited by closed 1000 users: JPY 500,000.-
Q. Could we order offprint with company names / company logos on its back cover?
A. Please contact us about this case individually (however, no advertisements are accepted).
Q. Do we need permission for Supplementary Files? Also, are Supplementary Files included in offprint?
A. Yes, permission is needed for Supplementary Files as well. Also, Supplementary Files are usually not included in offprint (an extra charge will be needed).
Q. We have to submit our paper to NIH (National Institutes of Health). Do we need to hand in permission form?
A. This only applies if a journal charges subscription fee for users to view manuscripts. Circulation Journals online journal is access-free to anyone; therefore you do not have to submit a manuscript to NIH. Please check our online journal and see what we are providing.

Please contact us for further information.
E-mail: Journal)